About Us

We, at aptdemy, use contemporary and example-based pedagogy to create complete online based contents for different global exams.

aptdemy has started in the year of 2022, with the intent of providing e-learning support to prepare in acing different exams for students globally. All skilled educators, team members, and management board at aptdemy, are striving to exceed user expectations day-in day-out. Our services are thriving upon two core values which are high quality contents and ease of accessibility for the users. Our course deliverables are:
    • Pre-recorded contents for all the courses
    • Practice questions along with several Q&A
    • Live online classes
    • Personalized access to educators


At aptdemy, our values are based on three pillars - Quality, Innovation, and Contemporary pedagogy.

Quality - We strive in delivering quality content for students to help them prepare successfully for different exams. Continuous research is done to ensure the contents are created as per the exam requirement. Our highly motivated, experienced, and skilled educators make consistent effort to deliver quality exam preparation materials.

InnovationWe strive to adopt and implement the latest technologies to make the content better comprehensible.

Contemporary pedagogy - We strive to implement latest and effective teaching techniques where students can easily comprehend.  We follow the teaching pattern followed in reputed universities such as Harvard and Stanford.


At aptdemy, our mission is to set the stage for global students where they can learn and prepare for their exams, online anywhere and anytime. We strive in delivering quality exam preparation contents to help students to get success in different exams.


At aptdemy, our vision is to help as much students as possible to reach their goals in different exams globally. Exams are career deciding moments which needs proper guidance, preparation, & practice to be successful in it; here at aptdemy, we strive delivering all the support to ensure student preparation for the exam.
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